Where does the name Xylon come from?

This designation refers to the Greek word ksulon/xylon which means wood. Xylography, or wood engraving, is the oldest printing technique. Some evidence exists, dating back a few thousands of years, that the Chinese were already engraving and printing from wood.

The Xylon International Association and its Xylon-Québec section fall under the seal of globalization. Xylon reflects and respects the human mosaic made of divers cultural approaches, it is rooted in the particularities of each of the member countries. Under the common denominator ‘relief printing’, Xylon regroups every artistic tendency, independent of materials and chromatism used or of any school of thought. Thus relief printing reinvents itself through a thematic approach...



Since 1979, artist-engravers expressed the need to join Xylon International, which promotes the creation of national sections. In 1985, Xylon-Québec (Canada) officially became one of these sections. Since then, the group contributes regularly by publishing artist’s books and by organizing exhibitions, often travelling ones, in order to raise awareness about relief printing in Quebec as well as about the artists who practice this medium. Xylon-Québec is a charitable organization capable of providing tax receipts.